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Why C??

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Are you a coder? Or an engineer (belonging to any Engineering Stream)? Or maybe both? Well then, you might have heard of C. What is C? It is a programming language. If you are an engineer then C must have been the first programming language in your syllabus. Now, why C? Why start with C? Where will it be used? How is it helpful in your career ? In this post we shall answer these questions.

C is a structured/procedural programming language and it uses top-down approach . It kinda like mother of all programming languages. The syntax used in C is adopted by most of the programming languages except a few, though they are not all that different from C. It is the basis for other programming languages like C++, Java etc.

Though there are many different programming languages out there, C is still used widely. Some areas where C is widely used even today are:

  • It is used in System programming.

  • It is used in building Operating Systems, compilers, interpreters and even assemblers.

  • Most of the Device drivers are written in C.

  • C is most preferred language for Embedded systems.

  • C is also helpful in developing other languages.

  • Some of the core libraries in android are also written in C.

For example, Unix operating System, Oracle were written in C!!

To know more about programming and C language, watch the following video:

Learning other languages will become a little easy after learning C. Though If you wanna pursue a career in C like become a system programmer or something similar as mentioned then you have to be very passionate and exceptionally good in C!! If you don't wanna pursue a career in C then also knowing C will be useful in Campus recruitment process.

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