Database management System(DBMS) tutorials

Here is a playlist of Database management system syllabus of Computer science engineering students provided by Jenny's lecutures.

What is a database management system (DBMS)?

Database management system( DBMS) The system containing set of programs which are used to access, change, manipulate or update the data present in DB is called Database management system (DBMS). The main goal of DBMS is to provide a way to store and retrieve DB information that is both convenient and efficient. A DBMS or simply Database Systems or DBS are designed to manage data of large enterprises, organizations etc, because information is the most important aspect for any organization.

How do I learn DBMS in real?

Take a sample project. Say your project is about tracking IPL matches (what happens every ball, with every bowler and batsmen). Build your data model.

Download an Open source database like MySQL. Convert your data model into the physical databases using the MySQL workbench.

Keep populating the data and keep asking yourself questions on the data. For example, how many runs did a particular bowler give away when he bowled in the last two overs? Translate this kind of questions into SQL queries (here too, you will learn DBMS). Keep enriching your data.

As you go along your project, remember to keep an SQL book handy (say SQL for dummies). Keep the MySQL reference by your side always.

Build more and more interesting case studies like the one I suggested above. You will master DBMS basics very soon


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