Makeup is common, ask her if she can CODE.

Owl code org makes it easier than ever to start learning how to code in a fully guided way and also for free.

The first computer programmer was a female mathematician, but believe me, It isn't so complex.

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Owls can't code. We are Humans.

Computer programming played an important role in ending World War II. Chances are, it may be helping in beginning World War III 

Humans need survival and not really owls.

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Perfectly designed for all levels of devs, from beginners to advanced

Easy to understand and get started for learning and accomplishing challenges.

Best place for any level. Also for the people who are just interested. Experts help included too.

Never get frustrated and learn without procrastination.

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Many creative projects are officially here on Owl code just to teach people how to code.

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Owl code Org has helped us a lot in contributing to the Open source community. The platforms I used earliear couldn't help developers to properly browse and connect, but this is really amazing.

- Some One. XYZ

Your few lines of code can make major impacts on Humanity
Everything is Better Together.